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From 14 to 21 April 2019, we welcomed a group of eight people from the charity Through Faith Missions to the benefice.  The team took part in our Holy Week services as well as some special events.  They gave us an opportunity to explore our faith and asked us some searching questions.  These are the results of the Benefice Faith Survey as completed by 94 homes are:

Q1 What do you believe about God?           

A. Just a force                                                           7        

B. A distant being                                                      8

C. A personal God                                                      43 (46%)

D. Non-existent                                                         17

E. Something else                                                     17

Q2 What do you believe happens at the end of our lives?

A.     We die and that’s it                                             24

B.     We return to earth in another form or as another person 9

C.     We all go to heaven                                             16

D.     Some people go to heaven but others to hell    14

E.     I am not sure                                                       26

F.      Something else                                                    8

Q3 What do you believe about Jesus?

A.     He didn’t exist at all                                            5

B.     He was an ordinary man and nothing more     18

C.     He was a prophet or messenger from God       25

D.     He is the only Son of God                                 34 (36%)

E.     Other                                                                  13

Q4 A. Have you ever had a spiritual experience? Yes                   36 (38%)

Q4 B. Have you ever prayed about an issue? Yes                        66 (70%)

Q5 If you could know God personally, would you be interested?

A.     No                                                                       12

B.     Yes                                                                      43 (46%)

C.     Not sure                                                               22

D.     Some other response                                          4

Find out more about Through Faith Missions at their website by clicking here.


Above, Roz and Dave, from Through Faith Missions, after the Palm Sunday service at Warmington.

Above, at the Tuesday Tiffin Singalong on 16 April at Warmington.

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