Message from our new Vicar

After weeks of waiting, I was licensed on June 7th 2020 by the Bishop of Peterborough, Donald Allister, as the Vicar of the Warmington benefice.

As expected the licensing took place on Zoom. What I hadn’t expected was how moving and special it would be. So many people had taken the time and trouble to join in, ranging from people from the five parishes making up the benefice, to friends and family as far afield as Australia, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.

A few days before the licensing my wife Netta and I had woken up on our first morning in the Vicarage to find our front window emblazened with bunting and a hand sewn welcome message.

In the days that followed, cards and letters flowed in, along with lovely gifts ranging from flowers, to hand made biscuits, to home produced eggs. We felt rather overwhelmed, and very loved.

And there is a direct link here to faith in God. The love of people, and the love of God are interwoven. There’s a verse in the Bible, often read at weddings, that says, ‘God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God, and God abides in them.’ Netta and I have been on the receiving end of your love, and we feel loved by God in the process.

It’s been said that, ‘Coping with God and his generosity is the central task of Christian faith.’ I believe that’s true, that when we allow God to come close to us, we are overwhelmed by his goodness and kindness. One way he expresses his generosity is through other people, in this case to Netta and me through the people of this benefice. We’re so grateful to God for you, and your kindness.

I know that we’re not alone in this, that many people have found that the weeks of lockdown have caused them to be grateful in a new way for those around them. They’ve loved having more time at home with members of their family (perhaps parents more than children!). Or they’ve realised how much they crave the physical closeness of hugging parents or grandchildren or friends. Surely all of us have become thankful for the love of others. And perhaps we find our gratitude becoming simple thanksgiving prayers.

As the lockdown restrictions begin to ease, life will change again. The shops are reopening, and so are the churches, at least for private prayer (please see the benefice website for details about the arrangements for the church in your village). Who knows what will be the ‘normal’ to which life will return. Let’s hope and work for a life that’s filled, above all, with love, and for villages that continue to show a wonderful welcome to those who join their communities.

I hope to meet you soon.


Revd Dr Donald McFadyen,

Vicar of the Warmington Benefice

Tel. (01832) 280025

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