Kitchen & Khazi Project


In a church as old as St Mary the Blessed Virgin (completed about 1290), it's perhaps not suprising that there is no lavatory.  Even the Victorian renovation completed in 1876 didn't result in adding a loo.

Over the last couple of years, parishioners have become determined to put this right.  We aim to have an accessible toilet with pull-down baby-change facilities.  And, while we do that, we also aim to have a servery with sink and drinking water (currently somebody has to purchase bottled water and bring it into church).  Somewhere to prepare drinks and refreshments after services, at our regular Tuesday Tiffin, social occasions, concerts and other events.  

We call this project Kitchen & Khazi and people near and far are contributing to its success.

A small fund raising group worked tirelessly on a programme of exciting events during 2017 and 2018.  Some of these were held in conjunction with our friendly local pub - The Red Lion, Warmington  Many of the events shared the proceeds with our chosen local charity - Oundle Community First Responders.  The total amount raised (not including Gift Aid) is £7,524 for the Kitchen & Khazi and £3,230 given to the Oundle Community First Responders.  Huge thanks to this committed group of volunteers and all those who have contributed in any way.

The butcher's shop in Warmington - Warmington Chops - have a collecting tin on their counter for the Kitchen & Khazi project.  That small change mounts up and is really appreciated.

Plans for the Kitchen & Khazi were discussed by the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) in July 2018 and they suggested removing more pews in the north aisle to make more space near the servery.  The revised plans have been sent to interested organisations and the DAC is waiting to receive comments from all of them.   Progress is not always as swift as we'd like when change is planned to such an old building as our church.  We shall be keeping our legs crossed for a little longer!

Please watch this space for further updates.

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