Cotterstock 2019


Friday 20th December 2019

Presentation to Reverend David Bond

Cotterstock held its Christmas Social at 6.00 pm on Friday 20th December in the village hall and made a very special presentation to Reverend David Bond. Since September a huge card and a collection had been circulating in the village for David who has lived in Cotterstock for forty five years but is moving to a property in Stamford in January. Adrian Eldridge and Graham Sands thanked him for the huge part he has played in our village life. He is truly one of life’s “givers” raising thousands of pounds for both the village hall and our church through talks, guided tours and most recently, chairing the bell augmentation and restoration programme in St Andrew’s.  They presented him with the card and a Laptop loaded with Microsoft Office and everyone toasted his future happiness and good health in Stamford with a glass of bubbly. Nick Elks came to represent the Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Bell ringers as David has been instrumental in bringing bell ringing back to life in Cotterstock Church.  David thanked one and all for their kind words and everyone that had contributed towards his card and present.  He said what a privilege it was to live in such a rural village and the value he and his late wife Rita placed on the many special friends they had made and the people they had met over the years.

Christingle 2019

On Sunday 1 December a delightful Christingle Service was held at St Andrew’s Church where worship leader Des Watt conducted the service.  There was a significant increase in numbers attending this year with some of the little ones really getting involved in the service.

The collection was well supported with £120 being donated to the Children’s Society; this money will go towards helping those children who are desperately in need.

Very special thanks to Susie Rowlett for making the Christingles and to the Fitton and Ward families who decorated the Christmas tree so beautifully.

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY 2019 at Cotterstock

Ride and Stride Saturday - 14 September  2019

A glorious day saw Riders and Striders out in force with 30 visitors signing in to Cotterstock church during the course of the day, a notable increase on last year. In addition eight villagers and one particularly well-behaved spaniel joined Reverend David Bond for Cotterstock's first guided walk as part of Ride and Stride. They enjoyed the sunshine and plenty of local history before returning to join the village coffee morning.  

The homemade food stall was full to bursting with jams, chutneys, cakes, biscuits and treats from Bernard's garden. Tea, coffee, biscuits and flapjack were on offer to all-comers but particular mention must go to the 'Ride and Stride' biscuits from Stone Cottage! Bicycle shaped and iced accordingly they were a huge success and much admired (and enjoyed!) by young and old cyclists alike.  


We raised a total of £285.05p, a small increase on last year! Half will be donated to Cotterstock church and half goes to the Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust. A huge thank you to everyone who helped, strode, drank coffee, ate biscuits, made chutneys and donated to Ride and Stride.  


Six Bell Striking Competition

Organised by the Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers and hosted by St Andrew’s Church, Cotterstock on Saturday 27th April 2019.

Seventeen teams entered the competition, the largest number for 40 years.  Unfortunately the weather wasn’t kind and the event took place in the cold gales that followed our tropical weather of Easter.  Undeterred, the teams waited patiently for their turn to ring in the grounds of St Andrew’s as only the steward and the team ringing were allowed in church.  There were very experienced teams taking part and villagers commented on how lovely it was to hear the bells rung throughout the afternoon. We were also pleased to hear the ringers saying positive things about the feel of our bells, most people finding them ‘well balanced’ and a ‘joy to ring’.  Many visitors commented on how lovely it is to have the plinths in church telling the story of the refurbishment too. A number of teams took Reverend David Bond’s contact details as they are intending to arrange a date to ring the bells again at a future date.


When all the teams had completed their ring they returned to the church to hear the results. 

Nick Churchman was host - he helped Taylor’s with the refurbishment of our bells.  He thanked Reverend David Bond for taking on the very cold job of welcoming and directing people outside the church.  He also thanked Sylvia Upex, the Peterborough Branch secretary, who did a brilliant job of co-ordinating all the local arrangements alongside Alex Dyer and Nick Elks.  Simon Dixon, the Guild Master, introduced the judge, Christopher Groome, a Life Honorary Member and former president of the Guild. Christopher placed the teams as follows:

1st Towcester, 2nd Thrapston, Equal 3rd Rushden and Rothwell, 5th Badby, 6th Northampton

Warmington were pleased to be placed 14th in their first ever ringing competition so well done to them.

The ringing continued long after the competition finished and it seems that a memorable afternoon was had by all.

Afternoon Teas for the Ringing Teams in the Village Hall

Cotterstock Village Hall was used to its full capacity when the seventeen bell ringing teams descended to enjoy afternoon teas served by villagers.

Tables were set with white linen tablecloths, vintage china, cutlery and napkins and the ringers were served an assortment of sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam and a selection of enticing cakes.

In two hours the hard working team served 71 full afternoon teas and copious numbers of hot drinks!

Hopefully, despite the chilly day, everyone enjoyed a ‘Cotterstock’ welcome and it gave the village an opportunity to thank the guild for their very generous grant towards the refurbishment of our treasured church bells.


The Tolling of Our Tenor Bell Following the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York encouraged churches across England to toll a bell for 7 minutes on Maundy Thursday at 7.00p.m. as a mark of solidarity following the devastating fire at Notre Dame Cathedral.

Angela Whiteway tolled our tenor bell at St Andrew’s at the appointed time so that we could express our sympathies.

Nos pensées sont avec le people de la France.













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