Full List of Names on Warmington Roll of Honour

The Warmington Roll of Honour has the names of 135 men.  They are not written in alphabetical order and sometimes the full name is not given.  For example, some men used their middle name and this was written on the Roll.  Here, the table shows the names in full, including all first names where they are known, as well as the name on the Roll.  They are in alphabetical order to make it easier to search.  The names of those who died are in red. 

Brief biographical details on all except two of the 135 men are available.  The two who have so far eluded research are HARRY PARSONS and PERCY RATCLIFFE.  Please get in touch by completing the Roll of Honour contact form if you would like more information or if you have information you are willing to share about any of 'our men'.



ARTHUR, Harold (Harry)

Harold Arthur

ARTHUR, Kenneth

Kenneth Arthur

BARTLETT, Albert James

Albert Bartlett

BARTLETT, Leslie Frank

Leslie Bartlett

BAXTER, John Thomas

John T Baxter

BEEBY, Arthur

Arthur Beeby

BELL, James Robert

Robert Bell

BOSWORTH, Arthur Robert

Arthur Bosworth

BOSWORTH, David Glithero

David Bosworth

BOSWORTH, Leonard Thomas

Leonard Bosworth

BOSWORTH, Percy George Glithero

Percy Bosworth

BOSWORTH, Reginald Glithero

Reginald Bosworth

BOZEAT, Frederick (Fred)

Frederick Bozeat

BRUDENELL, John Edgar Hugh

Edgar Brudenell

BRUDENELL, Henry Lettice

Harry Brudenell

BRUDENELL, John Thomas

John T Brudenell

BRUDENELL, Joseph Horace

Joseph Horace Brudenell

BRUDENELL, Lewis Daniel

Lewis Brudenell

BRUDENELL, John Phillips

Phillips Brudenell

BRUDENELL, William Roland P

Roland Brudenell

BRUDENELL, Walter Joses

Walter Brudenell

BRUDENELL, George Willoughby

Willoughby Brudenell


John Burdett

BURDETT, William

William Burdett

CAPPS, Francis

Frank Capps

CAPPS, Frederick

Frederick Capps

CLARK, Christopher

Christopher Clark

COLES, Vincent Ratcliffe

Vincent Coles

CORNEY, Edward

Edward Corney

DEXTER, Ernest Edward

Ernest Dexter

DEXTER, Robert

Robert Dexter

DEXTER, Walter

Walter Dexter

DIXON, Arthur Edwin

Arthur Edwin Dixon

DIXON, Harry Alfred

Harry Alfred Dixon

ELLIS, Albert

Albert Ellis

ELLIS, Ernest

Ernest Ellis

ELLIS, Herbert

Herbert Ellis

ELLIS, Percy

Percy Ellis


Robert Firmedows


Cecil Freeman

GARFIELD, Edward Dexter Frank

Frank Garfield

GARFIELD, Arthur James

James Garfield

GARFIELD, Ernest Robert

Robert Garfield

GARFIELD, Walter Stapleton

Walter Garfield

GARFIELD, William Charles

William Garfield


Eric Garratt

GARRATT, Harold Douglas

Harold Douglas Garratt


Oakley Garratt

GILDER, Ernest

Ernest Gilder

GILDER, Frederick John

Frederick Gilder

GILDER, John Henry

John H Gilder

GILDER, John Thomas

John T Gilder

GILDER, Joseph Frederick

Joseph Frederick Gilder

GILDER, Samuel James

Samuel Gilder

GILDER, William Henry

William Henry Gilder

GLITHERO, Ernest William

Ernest Glithero

GLITHERO, George Harry

George Glithero

HAYNES, Arthur Edward

Arthur Haines

HANKINS, George Harris

George Hankins

HARBOUR, Arthur William

Arthur Harbour

HARBOUR, Sidney Charles

Sydney Harbour

HAWKINS, William

William Hawkins

HODGE, William Shadrach

William Hodge


John Horsford

HOWELL, Shadrach Elson

Elson Howell

HOWELL, George Landin

George L Howell

HOWELL, Henry Baxter

Henry B Howell

JAKINS, Douglas Harold

Douglas Harold Jakins

JAMES, Charles

Charles James

JAMES, William

William James

KIDD, Frederick Reginald

Reginald Kidd

KIDD, John William

William Kidd

KIRK, Elijah

Elijah Kirk

KIRK, George

George Kirk


Arthur Langley

LEWIS, George Ernest

George Lewis

LILLEY, Albert Neath

Albert Lilley

LINES, John Thomas

John Lines

LINES, Benjamin Sydney

Sydney Lines


Harry Manton


Ernest Marshall

MARTIN, Alfred

Alfred Martin

MARTIN, Ernest

Ernest Martin

MARTIN, George

George Martin

MARTIN, Harold William

Harold Martin

MARTIN, Walter

Walter Martin

MOISEY, Albert Edward

Albert Moisey

MOISEY, Arthur Robert

Arthur Moisey

MOISEY, Ernest Frederick

Ernest Frederick Moisey

MORLEY, Arthur

Arthur Morley

MORLEY, John Henry

John Henry Morley

NEATH, Basil Leonard

Basil Neath

NEATH, George Robert Bannister

George Neath

NEGUS, Thomas Henry (Harry)

Harry Negus

NEGUS, Herbert Evan

Herbert Negus

NEGUS, Joseph Arthur

Joseph Negus

OAKLEY, John Cecil

John Cecil Oakley

OAKLEY, Thomas

Thomas Oakley

OAKLEY, Robert Wright

Wright Oakley


Harry Parsons

PERKINS, Frederick

Frederick Perkins

PULLAN, Rowland

Roland Pullan


Percy Ratcliffe


Frank Richards

RICHARDS, William Gordon

William Richards

RUSSELL, Frederick

Frederick Russell

SHARP, William

William Sharp

SHIRLEY, William Henry

William Henry Shirley

SLAUGHTER, Daniel Charles Stanley

Charles S Slaughter

SMITH, Norman Frank

Norman Frank Smith

SWANN, Arthur Ernest

Arthur Ernest Swann

SWANN, Edwin Harry

Edwin Swann

TODD, George

George Todd

TODD, Horace Roland

Horace Roland Todd

TURNILL, Eric Mildmay

Eric Mildmay Turnill

TURNILL, Hugh Victor

Hugh Victor Turnill

TURNILL, William Mitton

William Turnill

ULYATT, Wilfred Robert

Wilfred Ulyatt

UPEX, Alfred John

Alfred John Upex

UPEX, Arthur Richard

Arthur Richard Upex

UPEX, Charles Thomas Smith

Charles Upex

UPEX, Frederick

Frederick Upex

UPEX, Harry

Harry Upex

UPEX, James Albert Elijah

James Albert Upex

UPEX, John William

John William Upex

UPEX, John William Morson

John W Morson Upex

UPEX, William Shadrach

William Upex

WADE, Frank Ebenezer Baxter

Frank Wade

WADE, William Ernest

William E Wade


Charles Weatherington

WEBB, Frank Burdett

Frank Webb

WILLIAMSON, Ernest William

Ernest Williamson


Mark Williamson

WILLIAMSON, Roland James

Roland Williamson

WILLMOTT, John William

John W Willmott


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