Warmington Roll of Honour

The names of 135 men who served during World War I are written on this beautifully illuminated Roll of Honour.  Most were born or lived in Warmington.  The heading is:  To the glory of God, and to keep alive the memory of all those who went forth from this place at the call of their King and country, to serve in the Great War, August 1914-November 1918

At the bottom are twenty-five names:   'Also in ever blessed and perpetual remembrance are recorded here the names of those who were killed in action or died of their wounds in battle.'  They were:  Leonard Thomas Bosworth, Albert Edward Moisey, Frank Burdett Webb, Edward Corney, Hugh Victor Turnill, Cecil Freeman, William Charles Garfield, Frederick Russell, Ernest Gilder, Albert James Bartlett, Wilfred Robert Ulyatt, John William Kidd, Frederick Perkins, James Albert Elijah Upex, Arthur Ernest Swann, Ernest Marshall, Thomas Oakley, John William Wilmott, John William Upex, Albert Ellis, Harry Upex, William Henry Shirley, Elijah Kirk, Reginald Frederick Kidd, William Henry Gilder.  These men are also remembered on the War Memorial in the churchyard. 


Leonard Thomas Bosworth, died 24 January 1918

Albert Edward Moisey, died 26 February 1915

Frank Burdett Webb, died 21 March 1918

Edward Corney, died 23 March 1918

Hugh Victor Turnill, died 15 April 1917

Cecil Freeman, died 23 April 1917

William Charles Garfield, died 3 May 1917

Frederick Russell, died 10 May 1917

Ernest Gilder, died 16 May 1916

Albert James Bartlett, died 31 May 1916

Wilfred Robert Ulyatt, died 31 May 1916

John William Kidd, died 10 July 1917

Frederick Perkins, died 14 July 1916

James Albert Elijah Upex, died 13 September 1917

Arthur Ernest Swann, died 16 September 1916

Ernest Marshall, died 24 September 1918

Thomas Oakley, died 27 September, 1915

John William Wilmott, died 14 October 1917

John William Upex, died 20 October 1917

Albert Ellis, died 26 November 1916

Harry Upex, died 26 November 1918

William Henry Shirley, died 27 November 1917

Elijah Kirk, died 30 November 1917

Reginald Frederick Kidd, died 3 December 1917

William Henry Gilder, died 28 December 1915

Warmington War Memorial on 28 February 2018

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